Customer Profile in Erabank Cash Credit


We received guidelines from the Erabank regarding the client’s profile and the boundary conditions that must be met by a person applying for a cash loan. This information will help those of you who intend to apply for a Erabank cash loan.

The quick cash loan in Erabank is characterized by an attractive interest rate. The maximum loan amount is 120,000 zł. A cash loan in erobank is given for any purpose. Formalities can be arranged during a single visit to the bank.


The profile of the customer interested in Erabank loan

The profile of the customer interested in Erabank loan

  • over 21 years old,
  • having employment on the basis of an employment contract for an indefinite period of at least one month,
  • employment held on the basis of a fixed-term employment contract concluded for at least 12 months, valid for at least 3 months,
  • having employment on the basis of an employment contract for at least six months with the same employer (including 4 times receiving remuneration),
  • obtaining monthly income of minimum PLN 900,
  • no default in repayment of existing liabilities.

In the case of an offer of cash loans in Erabank, it is worth checking “Cheap credit with account”. You can apply for an amount of up to PLN 120,000. Repayment of the loan can be divided between 3 and even 108 months. You can choose the repayment date yourself, and each time before the scheduled installment payment date, we will receive an SMS reminding you of the payment date.


Vapominsers can set a repayment order

repayment loan

the installment will be automatically charged from the account. Once every 12 months the bank allows you to take advantage of credit holidays with the fact that you must meet the condition of repaying installments on time for a period of at least 6 months. If we care about a high amount and we have low creditworthiness, we can combine income with a family member.

When it comes to insurance, in Erabank we have two packages to choose from – basic (from death and permanent disability) and extended (from job loss or temporary inability to work or serious illness). To obtain a cash loan, a visit to the bank’s branch is necessary. You can also send your application by completing the form on the Erabank website (a consultant will call you back). Regular customers can apply for money from online banking. Here you can check the current Erabank cash loan offer.