Health Insurance and Fatherhood

Those who are parents -or, at least, most of them- affirm that having a child is the best for what they have gone through in life; those who are not defend that their situation allows them to enjoy life without so many concerns and gives them a great freedom and autonomy, in addition to greater economic solvency. Both options are legal and, of course, respectable.


The problem arises when you can not carry out the vital project that is intended. It is the situation of numerous couples, more and more, who see their illusion of having a child frustrated because of the fertility problems of him, of her or both. Statistics indicate that in Spain one in six couples goes through this complicated situation, a percentage that continues to rise due to numerous factors: pollution, lifestyle, the increasingly late age to face paternity…

Unfortunately there are situations that have no way back, but for many others there are solutions. Science makes available to people who want to be parents but do not see their dream fulfilled numerous methods of help – in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination… – although some of these interventions or treatments have a high cost to the pocket of the average Spanish.

Health insurance, however, has much to contribute in this regard. Many of them include a complementary coverage that for the interested persons will be fundamental in their dreamed vital objective: the one of treatment of the infertility in the couple. In the following lines we will see how insurance can help couples fulfill their dream of having offspring thanks to this guarantee.

The two main methods

The two main methods

We have already mentioned the two most common methods of helping those who have difficulties to conceive: artificial insemination (assisted reproduction method consisting of the implantation of sperm in women through specialized instruments in order to achieve pregnancy) and fertilization in vitro (technique that is performed outside the mother’s body after the extraction of one or more oocytes from the ovaries to be fertilized by sperm in a liquid medium).

In this regard and given the high cost of both operations, the insurance coverage has a limit in both cases, both for the artificial insemination attempts and for the complete transfer cycles of in vitro fertilization, with their relevant freezes and independently of the renewals that they make of the health policy.

This guarantee is also responsible for covering a wide range of indivisible medical acts of the performance of both techniques of assisted reproduction: gynecological consultations at the beginning of each treatment and during the same, diagnostic ultrasound and analytical tests, stimulation of ovulation… In addition, in the case of artificial insemination, other processes would be included, such as the preparation of the semen or the obtaining of the sperm from a donor if it were the case, beyond the insemination itself; In vitro fertilization would integrate operations such as ovarian puncture, culture and embryo transfer, intracytoplasmic injections and testicular biopsies to obtain sperm, as well as the costs of freezing and maintaining embryos for a certain time.

Conditions to meet

Conditions to meet

In order to provide this important support, companies are assured in return, as is logical, that their policyholders comply with certain conditions. They can request, for example, that the two components of the couple are insured, that their policy has a certain age or that the woman does not have too high an age for motherhood.

In addition, as is logical, the insurance company will request medical reports from those interested in diagnosing the sterility – to a greater or lesser degree – of at least one of the couple’s components. The usual thing is that the insurer demands from its clients that the pertinent tests are carried out in the associated clinics and hospital centers and by the professionals who have an agreement with the company.

It should also be borne in mind that the reimbursement of medical expenses – the usual procedure for taking charge of the expenses in this health insurance coverage – always has certain economic limits determined previously. The insured must therefore prove to his company the medical services to which he has agreed and the money he has assumed.

Nobody said that being a father was easy, but many say that the joy of fatherhood compensates all the efforts made, including economic ones. And insurance with infertility treatment coverage can be very helpful in both cases.

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