Mental Health in Health Insurance

If it was already defended by the great thinkers of antiquity, it will not be us who will challenge it now: mental health is as important as physics or even more. Body and mind are intimately related and it is necessary to take care of both to enjoy a healthy life.

We are currently experiencing a resurgence of concern not only for the body, but for mental health. In western society, disciplines from the East such as yoga or meditation begin to gain weight, going to the psychologist gradually ceases to be stigmatized and traditional medicine begins to pay more and more attention to the care of the mind as a basic dynamic and complementary to the strictly medical treatment.

In this 2018 the well-being of the mind is no longer a secondary sector for medicine. Nowadays, it is difficult to see health insurance that does not offer, to a greater or lesser extent, mental health care. How? Including among its guarantees, above all, psychological care.

The evils of the 21st century

The evils of the 21st century

What does this coverage offer? Ensure the study and treatment of possible mental and nervous diseases of its clients, including in its offer a certain number of consultations. And it is not necessary to be crazy to go to a psychologist: mental states such as anxiety, depression or stress are unfortunately more and more frequent in a society where people are living faster and have more Less free time, and consulting a specialist in the field can help get out of those dangerous sensations.

Beyond that a medical professional can help in the treatment of various situations that affect the mood of each person, from the problems of a couple to eating disorders, through phobias such as fear of flying, to closed spaces or Darkness. The usual thing is for insurers to provide, either among their basic guarantees or among the complementary ones, a psychiatric service that determines the client’s condition and subsequently derives a psychologist to perform the sessions that are relevant, if this is the case, always with a limited number per year.

We must also highlight that not everything is included in the psychological care service. For example, detoxification cures – addictions such as alcohol or drugs, for example – or sleep often have their own ground, and it is difficult for an insurance company to include them in their offer (let alone within the coverage). basic). As always, it is essential to inform us well before hiring a product so as not to deceive us about the service they can offer us.

Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, aesthetics…

Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, aesthetics...

We opened this post with the famous quote of the Latin poet Juvenal and we will close it mentioning its practical application in the insurance world. And not only in regards to the disciplines of psychology or psychiatry. Some coverages within the health insurance – usually included in the complementary guarantees or facilitating important discounts to their clients – pay attention to the care of the body and the mind, so closely related.

Consultations to medical experts in dietetics and nutrition, relaxing sessions in spas, gyms to help get fit or aesthetic medicine treatments are also usually part of, in one way or another, the insurance offer. Because society is increasingly aware that taking care of health does not only consist in taking medicines; it is a wide and rich field of which the insurance sector is increasingly more pending, in order to present a wide range of coverage to its customers.

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